Kapeh believes that, regardless of their size, all companies should be held accountable for the impacts they cause and should do their best to minimize these impacts. Consequently, along our entire production chain, we seek to adopt measures which generate a positive balance, such as:

- Use of high quality certified coffee produced in a sustainable manner, with environmental preservation and highest respect for people.
-  Disclosing the origin and traceability of our main raw material: the coffee
-  Using recyclable or recycled packaging material.
- Participating in the after-consumption Packaging Collection Project in the states of Parana, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, for the collection and recycling of our packaging.
- In our exclusive stores we develop the Kapeh Recycling Program, collecting our packaging.
- In our entire chain we seek partners who share our philosophy.


Incentive to Recycling

Kapeh believes that we all have to do our share to have a better planet to live on. This is why it developed a recycling program for its packaging.


For each half-dozen of plastic or metallic packages, or for every 10 packages of miniatures of Kapeh products returned to one of our exclusive stores, you receive a bar of herbal soap.

This program of after-sales responsibility has the objective of reducing the negative impact of our product packages on the environment, and to promote the generation of work and income, social inclusion and the improvement of the quality of life of the recyclable material collectors.



The coffee used by Kapeh to obtain its extract has been approved by UTZ Certified, a global coffee certification program, which investigates the processing and the high quality of the grain, as well as ensuring an environmentally friendly and sustainable production, focused on respect for people, which constitute the pillars of this global certification program.

- Sustainable Production: The certified farms work with the rational use of natural resources and consumables in general. This shows a high level of professionalism and higher market competitiveness.

- Environmental protection: The certified coffee growers have the constant preoccupation of protecting their headwaters, dams, rivers and waterways as well as the fauna and flora of their region. Besides, do not cause deforestation, and help to protect endangered species and at the same time reduce soil erosion by planting trees. 

- Respect for people: The use of certified coffee also assures that all the workers and their families live in appropriate dwellings, have medical assistance, schools, training, besides having their labor rights respected.

- Traceability: This process allows you to know exactly where the coffee used in the Kapeh products comes from and how it is produced. All of the steps of the production chain are duly recorded and filed, and you have access to all this information.

- Quality of the coffee: The coffee farms certified by Utz Certified are inspected every year by international, auditors to assure that all processes are duly compliant, and they also receive technical support from highly qualified agronomists. A reference in technology and production coffee of excellent quality and standardizing.

Therefore, whenever you consume a Kapeh product, you may be sure that you will be contributing to environmental preservation and to the valuation of human being.


Origin and traceability process of the coffee used in our products

A tradition of more than a hundred years in quality coffee plantation follows Araujo´s family, is the supplier of the main raw material used by Kapeh.
The union of all this tradition and love to the coffee culture with the most advanced plantation technologies, strategic control and managing makes Rancho Fundo received the seal of international qualification UTZ Certified, which guarantees traceability of the sustainable production with protection to the environment and respect for the human being.

Through the traceability process sat by Rancho Fundo´s farm and with the auditory of UTZ Certified is possible to obtain information about the origin of all coffee used in the products of Kapeh´s cosmetics line, such as: variety, harvest, harvest date, quality of drink, products used during plantation, collaborators involved in the production, eventually all data belonging to the production chain.

Kapeh is the only company in this segment that provides all this information in a clear, reliable and auditable manner. If  you are interested in this kind of information, please make contact with Kapeh through:, or by phone: + 55 35 3265 1453 and tell us the product and the lot code to be traced.


Owned by: Juliano Mendonça Araujo & Brothers
Location: Três Pontas – South of Minas Gerais – Brazil
Area: 170 Ha.

Average production: 7,000 beneficiated sacks / year

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