Kapeh offers diversified and innovative products and carefully developed formulas, which combine quality and technology with the rich properties of coffee. Kapeh periodically launches products which are characterized by an ongoing pursuit of innovation, and this is why they are highlighted in the domestic media and recognized by means of various awards and prizes.

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  Special Coffees Line

We selected the richest grain, certificates and/or awarded, ffor the production of our line of Special Coffees. Through different blends, carefully prepared, you will experience an incredible taste, enjoying day in and day out the unique flavor of the aromatic notes naturally present in this drink.

  Body Line

Smooth and lightly perfumed skin. Invigorating and energizing formula, based on Certified Coffee Extract, oils or coffee flower, composed of moisturizer, bath oil, colognes, liquid soap, soap bars, exfoliants and bath salts.


Hair Line

Vigor and immediate shine for hair. Multifunctional formulas which are suitable for various types of hair, composed of shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners and intensive treatment mask.


Gourmet Line - Coffee with milk

Irresistible mouthwatering products! Multifunctional formulas using a mix of coffee and milk, which offer deep moisturizing for the skin. Composed of highly moisturizing lotion, bath milk, exfoliant butter and soap bars.

  Gourmet Line - Coffee with mint

Your day to day with more welfare and refreshing! Formulas enriched with the revitalizing effect of coffee and mint freshness, ideal to moisturize, cleanse and relax.
Composed of moisturizing lotion, liquid soap, refreshing gel for feet and tired legs and soap bars.

  Masculine Line

Praticity and functionality for men. Multifunctional formulas composed of triactive shampoo, shaving cream, after shave gel, deodorant, cologne and body moisturizer.


Feminine Teens Line

Sweet skin care. Formulas made with a delicious mixture of Certified Coffee Extract and Strawberry, composed of body moisturizer, cologne, liquid soap, soap bars, shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner.



Masculine Teens Line

Fun body care. Formulas made with a delicious mixture of Certified Coffee Extract and Chocolate, composed of soap bars, shampoo, conditioner, cologne and fixing gel.



Environment Line

Soft scents for the space. Available in versions Coffee Flower and Refreshing Coffee, composed of sprays and diffusers.



Kapeh Sets

Excellent gifting options. Available in jute package, boxes, plastic necessaire and aluminum bucket, with previously assembled or personalized options. Available also in miniatures version, perfect for travelling.




Optimize and facilitate the use of Kapeh products. Include exfoliant gloves, shower caps, sponges, face and back scrubs.




Practical, modern and functional: boxes, bags, plastic necessaire, jute package, aluminum bucket and wood basket.

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